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Playlist 25th January 2014

25th January 2014 - BBC Playlist Page
Brand new music from Jamie Lee Cates, The Grascals, The Stray Birds, Rascal Flatts and Ray Benson and a classic truckin’ track from Kathy Mattea.

Jamie Lee Cates - Scotland  Hotdisc #181
Bec Hance - Only In Australia
Rascal Flatts – Rewind NEW Single
James King - Sunday Morning Christian | Album: Three Chords & The Truth
Sara Evans - Three Chords & The Truth 
Lindi Ortega - Tin Star | Album: Tin Star  
Jace Everett - Pretty Good Plan | Album: Terarosa  NEW
The Grascals - Silver Strands | Album: When I Get My Pay ( rleased Nov 19, 2013) NEW MP3
The Whites - Hometown Gossip | Album: Best Of (Birth Cheryl White (Whites) Jan 27, 1955) BIRTHDAY 
Tracy Lawrence - Footprints On The Moon Single (Birth 27 Jan 1968) BIRTHDAY 
Sharon Anderson - Ready to Take That Ride 
Austin Webb - Slip On By NEW Single MP3
Lexi Larson - You Can Leave If You Want To | Album: Good Memories (Out Aug 1, 2013)  NEW  MP3
Blue Highway - A Change Of Faith In Tennessee | Album: The Game
Tammy Cochran - Nobody's Home  | Album: Where I Am 
Norma Jean - I Wouldn't Buy A Used Car From Him | Album: Best Of
Sam Hollyman - Where I Wanna Be  NEW  Hotdisc #181
The Stray Birds - I'll Be Your San Antone Rose | Album:  Echo Sessions (EP) NEW CD - MP3 - UK iTunes
Homer Hart - The Good Drugs  NEW Single MP3 Single
Kathy Mattea - Eighteen Wheels & A Dozen Roses 
Ray Benson - Little Piece | Album: Little Piece NEW CD  
Susan Cattaneo - Queen Of The Dancehall | Album: Haunted Heart NEW MP3 -  Listen/Buy the album in full at
Rhonda Vincent - When The Grass Grows Over Me NEW

Shantell Ogden - Better At Goodbye | Album: Better At Goodbye (Released Dec 3, 2013) NEW MP3

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