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Playlist 1st February 2014

1st  February 2014 BBC Playlist Page
A look at the country winners at last Sunday's 56th Grammy Awards show (#). Brand new music from Rhonda Vincent, Garth Brooks and Hunter Hayes. Plus classics from Clint Black and The Bellamy Brothers. We pay tribute to music legend Pete Seeger and after a long absence we once again feature a great songwriter

Kacey Musgraves - My House | Album: Same Trailer Different Town CD  #
The Del McCoury Band - Big Blue Raindrops | Album: Streets of Baltimore MP3 # (Feb 1, 1939) BIRTHDAY
The Stray Birds - I Wish It Would Rain | Album:  Echo Sessions (EP) CD - MP3 - UK iTunes
Restless Heart - I Want Everyone To Cry  | Album: RCA Country Legends MP3
Joni Harms – Millie | Album: After All CD
Hunter Hayes – Invisible   NEW Single 
Norah Jones & Billie Joe Armstrong - Long Time Gone | Album: Foreverly CD - MP3 (Don Everly Feb 1, 1937) BIRTHDAY  NEW
The O's - Lighten The Load | Album: Thunder Dog (April 2013) MP3
Julie Roberts - Daddy Doesn't Pray | Album:  Good Wine and Bad Decisions MP3Smart Choice Music (Feb 1, 1979) BIRTHDAY
Alan Jackson & The Bellamy Brothers - You Ain't Just Whistling Dixie
Robby Johnson - South Of Me | Album: South Of Me  >> YouTube
Matraca Berg - Her Name Is Mary | Album: Loves Truck Stop (Feb 3, 1964) BIRTHDAY
Clint Black - The Old Man | Album: Put Yourself In My Shoes 
Sara Evans - Slow Me Down NEW Single (Feb 5, 1971) BIRTHDAY Single  
James King - Riding With Private Malone | Album: Three Chords & The Truth (Writer Wood Newton) 
Shantell Ogden - Only God Knows | Album: Better Than Goodbye
Old Crow Medicine Show - Carry Me Back To Virginia  #  CD
Rhonda Vincent - Teardrops Over You | Album: Only Me NEW
Lonestar - Maybe Someday | Album: Life As We Know It CD  (Richie McDonald 6 Feb, 1962) BIRTHDAY
Martin Delray - Lillie's White Lies | Album: Get Rhymn (1990) Spotify -  Martin Delray – Get Rhythm
Patsy Cline - I'll Sail My Ship Alone 
Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood - The Call | Album: Blame It All On My Roots Smart Choice Music [6xCD+2xDVD US Exclusive (Us Region1)] (Garth Brooks  Feb 7, (1962) BIRTHDAY 
Anita Cochran - Wrong Side Of Town | Album: Back To You (Feb 6, 1967) BIRTHDAY
Pete Seeger - 66 Highway Blues
Taylor Swift - All Too Well  #

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