Sunday 29 March 2015

Playlist week of 28th March 2015


28th March 2015 – BBC Playlist

Brand new music from Reba McEntire, Ray Scott, James House and Allison Moorer. Classics from Anita Carter, Don Gibson and Pam Tillis.

Reba McEntire - Going Out Like That (Single) MP3 (March 23, 1974) BIRTHDAY
Pam Tillis - Spilled Perfume | Album: Sweetheart's Dance (1994) CD (Writer Dean Dillon March 26, 1955) BIRTHDAY
Charlie McCoy - Mind Your Own Business (Single) MP3
Holly Spears – Sunshine | Album: Boots and Bling (20 Jan 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes -  
Chris Heers - Road Trip | Album: The Road Ahead Shines MP3 - UK iTunes -
McCrary Sisters - By The Mark | Album: Let's Go (9 March 2015) NEW CD -  
The Shires - State Lines | Album: Brave CD (Standard Version) MP3 - UK iTunes NEW Single
James House - Bring It On | Album: Songwriters Serenade CD - MP3 - Smart Choice Music
Allison Moorer - Gonna Get It Wrong | Album: Down To Believing NEW CD - MP3 - Smart Choice Music
Lefty Frizzell - Shine, Shave, Shower (It’s Saturday) | Album: Lefty Frizzell MP3  (March 31, 1928, died July 19, 1975 (aged 47)) BIRTHDAY
Erin Kelly - Why Wait | Album: Why Wait  (EP) (27 Jan 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes - - CD Baby
Hank Snow & Anita Carter - I Never Will Marry | Album: Pair of Broken Hearts and Other Great Duets MP3  (The late Anita Carter March 31, 1934; died July 29, 1999 (aged 66)) BIRTHDAY
Emmylou Harris - Casey’s Last Ride | Album: Portraits MP3 Rhino Collection (April 2, 1947) BIRTHDAY
Buddy Jewell - Dyess Arkansas | Album: Times Like These (2005) MP3 (April 2) BIRTHDAY
Jill King - Down The Fields | Album: Jillbilly (2003) CD (April 2, 1975) BIRTHDAY  
Billy Dean - Loved & Never Learned | Album: Billy Dean Sings Richard Leigh (2009) MP3 - (April 2, 1962) BIRTHDAY  
Judy Rodman - Until I Met You | Album: Back To Back MP3
Judy & John Rodman - Somethin’ Like That | Album: Here We Are (EP) MP3 US iTunes -
Jim Ed Brown - When The Sun  Says Hello To The Mountains | Album: In Style Again CD - Smart Choice (April 1, 1934)  BIRTHDAY  
Amber Hayes - Running Out Of Memories | Album: Running out of Memories (EP) (Nov 04, 2014) Amazon UK - UK iTunes  NEW Single
Ray Scott - Ain’t Always Thirsty NEW Single MP3
Reba McEntire - Take Your Love Away | Album: CD
Zane Williams - Jayton and Jill | Album: Texas Like That (out 14 April 2015) MP3 NEW 
Gina Jeffreys - I Don’t Want Tonight To Be Over One | Album: The Flame CD BIRTHDAY
Don Gibson - Funny Familiar Forgotten.. | Album: The Ultimate Don Gibson MP3
Jeanette Williams - Your Last Mile | Album: Cherry Blossoms in the Springtime (1999) CD

New on The Show

Erin Kelly 

“Why Wait” - "Some nice tracks on here, this my pick the title track" - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania 

Blurb: Growing up in the outskirts of Allentown, PA, 20-year old Erin Kelly’s country roots emerged at an early age by singing in several traditional country bands. She listened to a wide variety of incredible vocalists such as Patsy Cline, Linda Ronstadt and Eva Cassidy, gave her the ability to perform and appreciate numerous genres.
At first glance, Erin projects a humbled presence that quickly transitions the moment she steps behind a microphone. Her skilled guitar playing and powerhouse vocals instantly take most people by surprise. Her unique voice and consistent pitch results in powerful live performances.

Since the age of six, she has been performing a traditional rendition of the National Anthem for many major and minor league teams. This includes teams in the NBA, NHL, and AHL. Her experience with the Anthem gave her the privilege of performing for General Colin Powell and President George W. Bush.
In 2014, Erin continued her career by recording her first EP, consisting of her own material.
While pursuing her music career, Erin is also pursuing a degree in Communications.

She released her 5 track Country Rock / Country Blues EP WHY WAIT on Jan 28, 2015 available Amazon UK, UK iTunes and CD Baby The title cut written by Erin features Andy Leftwich (Fiddle/ Mandolin), James Mitchell (Electric Guitar), Jimmy Carter
(Bass), Rich Herring (Acoustic/Electric Guitar), Doug Carter (Keyboards) and  Nick Buda (Drums). It was recorded by Chris Utley at Benchmark Sound, Nashville, TN
Watch Erin Kelly’s >> "Never Gonna Be" (published on Oct 28, 2014)

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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Playlist week of 21st March 2015


21st March 2015 – BBC Playlist

Brand new music from James House, Luke Bryan & Ruthie Collins and classics from Hoyt Axton & Charley Pride

The Expedition Show - When The Springtime Comes Again | Album: The Expedition Show (2011)
Charley Pride - Mountain Of Love | Album: RCA Country Legends: Charley Pride MP3 (March 18, 1938) BIRTHDAY
Mickey Guyton - Better Than You Left Me (Single)
Train & Ashley Monroe – Bruises | Album: California 37 MP3
Wade Hayes - Remember The Alimony | Album: Go Live Your Life (27 Feb 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Allison Moorer - I Found A Letter | Album: Alabama Song (1999) Amazon UK  Some of the ballads sound really nice (new on)
Niall Toner - Josie’s Reel | Album: Working On Love MP3 - UK iTunes
Luke & Mel - Enjoy The Ride | Album: Luke & Mel (EP; 15 Dec 2014) MP3 - UK iTunes
James House - Ain’t We A Pair | Album: Songwriters Serenade (2 March 2015) NEW CD - MP3 - Smart Choice Music  (March 21, 1955) BIRTHDAY
Kelley McRae - So Fine | Album: Easy on My Mind (27 Jan 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Weldon Henson - Just Believe | Album: Honky Tonk Frontier NEW  MP3 - UK iTunes -
I Draw Slow – Springtime | Album: White Wave Chapel Amazon UK - UK iTunes
Kenny Chesney - Another Friday Night | Album: Me And You CD (March 26, 1968) BIRTHDAY
Jana Kramer - I Got The Boy NEW Single MP3 UK iTunes
Chris Heers - Twentynine Palms | Album: The Road Ahead Shines (16 Jan 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Jesse Gregory - Get Me Over You | Album: Faultline MP3 - UK iTunes
Roxie Dean - Remind Me | Album: Ms America (2005) CD (March 23, 1974) BIRTHDAY
Hoyt Axton - Della & The Dealer | Album: (March 25, 1938; died October 26, 1999 (aged 61)) BIRTHDAY
Awna Teixiera - Bees & Things | Album: Wild One Import MP3   
Jason Sellers - That Does It | Album: I'm Your Man (1997) CD 
Ruthie Collins - Heartstrong | Album: Ruthie Collins (EP) MP3 - UK iTunes -
Charly McClain - The Very Best Is You | Album: Anthology (1999) 2-CD  
Vince Gill - Old Time Fiddle | Album: Next Big Thing (2003) CD
Jeanette Williams - Cherry Blossoms In The Springtime | Album: Cherry Blossoms in the Springtime (1999) CD
Luke Bryan - Goodbye Girl | Album: Crash My Party CD (UK Release 19 tracks)
Baillie & The Boys - While The Forgettin’s Good | Album: (Michael Bonagura; March 26, 1953) BIRTHDAY
Kimberly Murray - Feelin’ Kinda Haggard | Album: A World Away UK iTunes - Smart Choice Music and 

New on The Show

Mickey Guyton

“Better Than You Left Me”  - ”I really like her sound...I think it’s great..a great strong female sound, love it...I’m better for hearing it, I thought it was great” -  Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Country Radio desperately needs females on the charts and its about time the genre had a coloured female country singer!
Waco, TX native and Nashville, TN based Mickey Guyton
Born in Arlington, Texas, Mickey Guyton moved around the Lone Star state due to her father’s job but music was a constant in her nomadic life. She began singing in church and was drawn to a variety of artists including John Denver, Dolly Parton, Whitney Houston and BeBe and CeCe Winans. Mickey’s first national television appearance was an all-star concert at the White House captured by PBS. Her riveting rendition of Patsy Cline's classic "Crazy" was one of the highlights of the night.
Mickey released an acoustic EP, Unbreakable, in conjunction with her iTunes Festival performance in Austin, TX on March 15.
"Unbreakable" (EP) >> YouTube Preview
She is currently working on her debut album with producer Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum).

“Better Than You Left Me” :
Guyton penned the song with Jennifer Hanson and Jenn Schott, and the result is indeed a woman’s anthem that no man could ever match Mickey Guyton clearly isn't singing the blues over her ex-boyfriend on her debut single, "Better than You Left Me." The lyrics were inspired by Mickey's old relationship that was clearly going nowhere when she decided to make the move to Nashville a few years ago.
Mickey says it all came to a head for the couple during a final fight when he told her, "Don't make me find someone else."
Mickey told ABC News Radio, "I can't even believe someone would even say that. We were together for four years, and he was always so back-and-forth and unsure with me, and he was always going and finding someone else, and he was always throwing me to the wayside."
On the Billboard Country Airplay Top 50 “Better Than You Left Me” (Capitol Nashville/UMGN) made a debut at No.48 and in January it logged a record 79 MEDIABASE adds for the "Most Added" crown for the week. The previous mark was set by Arista’s The Swon Brothers last March (“Later On”). In ten chart weeks the single has reached as high as No.39on Country Airplay
Capitol Records Nashville’s Mickey is set to join Brad Paisley on his “Crushin’ It World Tour” starting May 15 in Philadelphia, PA. “I am so excited and thankful to Brad for inviting me to tour with him,” shared Mickey. “This opportunity to share my music with fans on the road is truly a dream becoming a reality. May 15 can’t come fast enough!”
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Weldon Henson

“Just Believe” - “His brand new album, I really like it some ballads that George Jones would have been proud of..a lovely sound” -  Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Austin, TX based singer-songwriter. Your Grandpa's Country Music with a Hemi!

Weldon Henson is to country music what an ice cold beer is on a “long, hard, hot, day” – refreshing. The first few notes out of his mouth and you know you’re witnessing the real deal.
He’s a musician who can more than hold his own on the guitar and a songwriter who’s lived his lyrics, particularly when it comes to his truck driving tunes that are reminiscent of growing up in the various cabs of his family’s big rigs and drag line pits.

So far he’s paid homage to that way of life by including a truck driving song on each of his three albums; his 2008 debut album Tryin’ To Get By, 2009’s Trouble For Me, and record, One Heart’s Gone - a work on which the vocal maturity of this Budweiser beer, Lucchese boot sponsored baritone clearly resounds.
Though he had a musical upbringing in Humble, Texas, Weldon’s music career didn’t start to take off until his Air Force days and after he received a guitar and a wise push from his late grandfather. Having been stationed everywhere from San Antonio to Abilene and from Utah to Korea, he’s called Austin home ever since being honorably discharged in 2006.
Henson’s shows are a throw-back to the vintage honky-tonk and Texas culture that brought your grandparents together combined with the rock ‘n roll attitude and approach of the more modern men of Texas country. Weldon’s hard-hitting, original country music demands as much energy from the dancers, who never seem to leave the floor, as from Weldon and his band. “The dancers truly become part of our show.
He has become a present day favorite in the legendary town of Luckenbach, TX and you can catch him at his weekly residency at the famous Broken Spoke in Austin. Wherever you’re lucky enough to catch him, prepare to swing, 2-step, waltz, and even polka to authentic, brand new honky-tonk music. Then sit down for a few and take a deep breath of original and true country
Weldon Henson's 4th (and latest) album, his first for 3.1/2 years, HONKY TONK FRONTIER (Hillbilly Renegade Records; Amazon UK - UK iTunes - was released on March 18, 2015 . The CD release launch took place on March 21, 2015 at the Mercer St. Dancehall in beautiful Dripping Springs in Texas
Watch >> "Not a Home" from Weldon's newest release and proves to be his best work yet. If you are looking for that real country music fix look no further.

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I Draw Slow

“Springtime” – “Lovely isn’t it, hard to genre country acoustic meets folk” - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Roots Music / Americana / Alt Country / Oldtime
Location:  Dublin, Ireland
Record Label: Pinecastle Records
Band Members: Dave Holden (Guitars and Vocals), Louise Holden (Vocals), Konrad Liddy (Upright Bass), Colin Derham (Banjo), Adrian Hart (Fiddle)
Home Town:

I Draw Slow is a five-piece outfit comprising vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo and double bass. Holden siblings Dave (guitar) and Louise (vocals) have been writing together for two decades, starting on Dublin’s gigging circuit with funk operation Tabularasa. The Sound: Alt-country, folk, roots, old-time, Americana The five have created a new sound, rooted in the old time style of the Appalachian Mountains, drawing on Irish traditional music and modern Americana.
However, this is a whole new songbook of stories and melodies. These are dark tales of debauchery and trouble swinging from the kind of well-crafted melodies that survive.
When Dublin five piece I Draw Slow released their 2011 album, REDHILLS, it was met by a slew of delighted responses from the Irish music press, both from specialised folk publications and the mainstream media. The Irish Times described their indie Irish/Americana compositions as “musically ambitious, interesting songs, thoughtfully performed.
With their latest recording, WHITE WAVE CHAPEL, engineered and mastered by veteran Irish producer Brian Masterson (Planxty, The Chieftains, Van Morrison, Christy Moore, Norah Jones) the band hopes to take their unique sound to an even wider audience. The album reached No 2. in the overall Irish iTunes chart, and was selected as RTE Radio 1's Album of the Week.
It has been described as “bewitching”” (Irish Independent); “13 exquisite tracks” (Sunday Times); “practically begs you to sing along” (Hot Press) and “a thing of beauty, 9/10”
Watch >> “Valentine” (Feb 2014) and >> "Souvenirs" the second release from their 13 track third album, White Wave Chapel released on Feb 22, 2014 available on Amazon UK and UK iTunes

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Jesse Gregory

“Get Me Over You” – “Her voice is quite unique I have to say..loved it straight away..whole album is lovely..FAULTLINE is the name of the album and I couldn’t fault a single track “ - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Genres: Bluegrass / Acoustic / Country
Facebook - Bio Jesse fell in love with music as soon as she was old enough to walk. At 23 months, Jesse sang for the first time in church. When she turned 8, she was interested in being a musician and started mandolin lessons. Two years later she began playing the guitar and wrote her first song. What Jesse is really known for is her vocal abilities. Her voice is unique and difficult to compare to anyone else. On and off stage, Jesse is one of those people that just stands out.

She was the first female to declare Bluegrass as her major at East Tennessee State University. She has had the wonderful opportunity to share the stage with some well-known bluegrass artists and musicians such as: Ron Block, Doyle Lawson, Sierra Hull, Adam Steffey, Randy Kohrs, Clay Hess, Christian Ward, Aaron Ramsey, Justin Moses, and Jacob Eller. Jesse is excited to see what her future brings of a career in Bluegrass music!
Jesse’s 11 track debut album, “Faultline,” was released in May 18, 2012 (Time: 35:51) featuring many talented artists/ musicians/ players that accompanied her. The producers, Clay Hess and Randy Kohrs, assembled a crack band in support of Gregory’s voice. Hess plays guitar and Korhs reso-guitar, with Sierra Hull on mandolin, Justin Moses on banjo, Tim Crouch on fiddle, and Harold Nixon and Jay Weaver on bass. Harmony vocals are stellar as well, with contributions from Alison Krauss,
Sierra Hull, Randy Kohrs, Justin Moses, Jennifer Strickland and Clay Hess. The title track is, of course, where she came up with the name for her band.
In October 2014, Jesse won IBMA momentum vocalist of the year.
"Jesse has a rich, earthy voice and a lilting sense of phrasing. She's a heart-singer, through and through." – Ron Block

"Jesse Gregory has all the potential in the world to be one of the biggest stars in acoustic music. I hope I get to continue exploring that world right along with her!" – Randy Kohrs
Listen to the title cut >> "Faultline"
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Kimberly Murray

“Feelin’ Kinda Haggard” - “Definitely one for the traditionalists she sings real stone cold country’d go far to find one better than this one...” -  Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

From the beginning, Kimberly Murray was destined to be on stage and "Keepin’ it Country"… She comes by it honestly. Even before Kimberly’s birth, she was headed down the road to performing Traditional Honky Tonk Music, as her momma was performing with a 3 girl singing act in the1950's. The three sisters concentrated on the styles of Buck Owens, Connie Smith, the Louvin Brothers, Ray Price, The Rambo's etc.
Kimberly Murray has become an accomplished Singer/Songwriter that really knows how to put on a show! She has had the opportunity to work with the likes of Gene Watson, Johnny Rodriquez, Johnny Bush, Curtis Potter, Tony Booth, Leona Williams and more on the Texas Music Circuit. The thing you’ll notice when you see Kimberly’s show, is the artful combination of great Traditional Country Music with an amazing youth and vitality that makes the style almost new again!! To hear those great songs from Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Jeannie Pruett, and Connie Smith with a renewed energy and vitality, intertwined with her soulful originals, is quite the treat!
Kimberly travels throughout the Great State of Texas performing at dancehalls, Opry shows, Community events, rodeos, etc. but she is also a member of the Honky Tonk Roadshow in the Great Northwest, where she’s making quite a name for herself. She joined this widely popular band after marrying and moving to Oregon. She shares this stage with husband Bob Manning and a wonderfully talented band performing all over the Northwest including Oregon, California, Idaho and Washington.
Kimberly’s debut album, ONCE UPON A TIME IN A HONKY TONK, had critical acclaim in England, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.
Her most recent album A WORLD AWAY a 13 track set of old school fiddle & steel waltzes and shuffles was released on May 8, 2014 - COVER ART
A WORLD AWAY 4.1/2 STARS Country Music People July 2014 Review (Duncan Warwick)…Traditional shufflin' groovy honky tonk music where the Bakersfield Sound meets the Texas dancehall... The Tex Rated Bakersfield Sound. Honky Tonk with Attitude! This Stephenville TX sassy redhead's favorite place to be is behind a microphone fronting a Traditional Texas Dancehall band and keeping the dancefloor as full as possible.
Kimberly worked for 17 years at the Erath County Sheriff's Department spending her last 12 years there as Sergeant in the jail division. After marrying Bob Manning in May 2011, she finally turned in her badge and began concentrating solely on music.
A World Away proves that Kimberly Murray is a true artist. She also makes it seem so effortless, and if she’s not on your radar you should remedy that immediately - Duncan Warwick
The Best of 2014 Critics’ Choice: Kimberly reloates to east Texas and returns with another album of hard-country delights.
Check out >>"Keep Our Mind Outta This"   
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Playlist week of 14th March 2015


14th March 2015 – BBC Playlist

Brand new music from Wade Hayes, Kimmie Rhodes and Striking Matches. Thoughts on the C2C 2015 CMA Songwriter Event and Festival held at London's O2 Arena.
Plus classics from Michael Martin Murphey, George Jones and Carl Smith.

Jann Browne – Louisville | Album: Tell Me Why CD  (March 14, 1954) BIRTHDAY
Cains Trio - Be Yourself With Me | Album: Stay on Board MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Michael Martin Murphey - The Two Step Is Easy | Album: Michael Martin Murphey (1982) (March 14, 1945) BIRTHDAY
Ruthie Collins - Get Drunk & Cry | Album: Ruthie Collins (EP) MP3 - UK iTunes -
George Jones - The Love Bug | Album:  (Obituary Wayne Kemp; died March 9th)
Patty Loveless - The Next In Line | Album: Sleepless Nights MP3  
George Strait - So Much Like My Dad | Album: Holding My Own (1992) CD  (Obituary Bobby Emmons died Feb 23, 2015)
Kelley McRae - Stay Close To Me | Album: Easy on My Mind (27 Jan 2015) NEW MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Jimmy Buckley - Livin’ On Love | Album: Country Favourites (1996) MP3
James House & Natalie Noone - Over Getting Over You Hotdisc #195 March Single | Album: Songwriters Serenade (2 March 2015) CD  - MP3 - Smart Choice Music  
Brandy Clark - What’ll Keep Me Out Of Heaven | Album: 12 Stories CD - MP3 - UK iTunes -   
Carl Smith - You Are The One | Album:  (March 15, 1927; died Jan 16, 2010 (aged 82)) BIRTHDAY
Striking Matches - Hanging On A Lie NEW Single | Album: Nothing But The Silence (out 24 March 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes -   At the Songwriter event as an interlude really, contemporary mususic ..the crowd loved them
Shenandoah - Wednesday Night Prayer Meetin’ | Album: Best Of (1995) CD (Stan Thorne March 16, (1959) + Jim Seales March 20, 1954) BIRTHDAYS
Shannon & Heather Slaughter - Back To Birmingham | Album: Never Just a Song NEW  MP3 - UK iTunes -
Chris Heers - Drunken Baker | Album: The Road Ahead Shines (16 Jan 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes -
Allison Moorer - Easier To Forget | Album: Alabama Song (1999) Amazon UK 
Kat Edmonson & Ray Benson - I Can’t Give You Anything But Love | Album: Asleep At The Wheel: Still The King : Celebrating The Music Of Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys CD NEW
Lee Ann Womack - Twenty Years & Two Husbands Ago | Album: There's More Where That Came From (2005) CD
Paul Overstreet - Til The Mountains Disappear | Album: Sowin' Love / Heroes (2 on 1) CD (March 17, 1955) BIRTHDAY
Caitlyn Smith - Everything To You | Album: Everything to You (Nov 2014) MP3 - UK iTunes
Garth Brooks – Tacoma | Album: Man Against Machine CD -  (Caitlyn Smith co-writer)
Kimmie Rhodes - Worthy Cause | Album: Cowgirl Boudoir (9 March 2015) NEW CD - Smart Choice Music -  
Wade Hayes - If The Sun Comes Up | Album: Go Live Your Life (27 Feb 2015) MP3  - UK iTunes - 
Petticoat Junction - Will My Heart Go On From Here | Album: Lonely Old Depot MP3 (1993; Pinecastle Records)

New on The Show

Caitlyn Smith

“Everything To You” -  “Another great singer-songwriter ....I really do feel think that females like that should be heard,  a great singer songwriter, absolutely love her” -  Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Genre: Country
Home Town: Cannon Falls, MN
Short Description: Minnesota girl. Songwriter. Firecracker.
Current Location: Nashville, TN
Influences: Allison Krauss, Patty Griffin, Catherine Feeney, Romantica, Ray Lamontagne, Mindy Smith, Wilco, Matthew Perryman Jones, Sheryl Crow, Joni Mitchell, Coldplay, Dixie Chicks, Michelle Branch

On October 28, 2014 Minnesota native Caitlyn Smith stepped into the spotlight with her highly autobiographical release, EVERYTHING TO YOU (Skylark Records), a seven-track project full of “intoxicating” ballads and “feel-good” anthems. The EP was one of the featured “New & Noteworthy” artist spotlights on iTunes. Smith performed at the famed venue, Station Inn, in Nashville for a special EP release show.
She has several huge cuts to her name, including the Grammy and CMA-nominated ‘You Can’t Make Old Friends’, recorded by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.
Vocally light quivering vibrato of Lee Ann Womack and Ashley Monroe, the slightly smoky pop power of Taylor Swift and a huge injection of soulful and technical proficiency. Caitlyn’s voice not only betrays her natural talent but also a raw expression that makes itself at home in the gentle notes as much as the big ones.
“I spent two and a half years writing a few hundred songs. Through that process, I feel like I’ve really come into my own as an artist,” said Caitlyn. “The goal is to write a song that moves you; whether it’s sad and makes you want to cry, or makes you want to dance and bust a move in the kitchen, or pull your loved one a little closer. My hope is that fans get a little bit of all of the above when they hear Everything to You.”
EVERYTHING TO YOU has a mix of intoxicating ballads ("Novocaine"), feel-good anthems ("Grown Woman") and in-your-face breakup songs ("Wasting All These Tears," written by Caitlyn Smith Rollie Gaalswy, also cut and released as a single by Voice winner, Cassadee Pope.

Caitlyn Smith Songwriting credits:
Garth Brooks MAN AGAINST MACHINE: "Tacoma" (writers: Bob DiPiero / Caitlyn Smith)
Lady Antebellum 747: Title cut (writers: Cary Barlowe / Gordie Sampson / Caitlyn Smith)
Cassadee Pope  FRAME BY FRAME: "Wasting All These Tears" (writers: Caitlyn Smith with husband Rollie Gaalswy)
Dolly Parton feat: Kenny Rogers "You Can't Make Old Friends" (Album BLUE SMOKE) (Writers: Ryan Hanna King / Don Schlitz / Caitlyn Smith)
Rascal Flatts CHANGED: "Let It Hurt" (Jay DeMarcus / Gordie Sampson / Caitlyn Smith)
Danielle Bradbery Self Titled album: "The Heart of Dixie" (writers: Brett James / Caitlyn Smith / Troy Verges) and "Never Like This" (writers: Steve McEwan / Gordie Sampson / Caitlyn Smith)
Sarah Darling's single “Home To Me” (writers by Caitlyn Smith & Bobby Hamrick)
Maggie Rose’s “Girl in Your Truck Song” penned by Caitlyn Smith, Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges
Nashville Cast/ Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes: Season 2 "Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet" (writers Trent Dabbs / Caitlyn Smith)
Julie Roberts ALIVE album: "Let's Fight" (writers: Jason Collum / Julie Roberts / Caitlyn Smith)
Sarah Davidson's Self Titled: "Drink You Up" (writers: Steve McEwan / Gordie Sampson / Caitlyn Smith)
Maggie Sajak's "Wild Boy" (writers: Chris Lindsey / Aimee Mayo / Caitlyn Smith / Troy Verges)

Theshotgunseat Interview (Oct 10, 2014):
Caitlyn Smith Discusses Girl Songs, Meghan Trainor, and Loving to Cook

Watch the preview for >> “Everything to You

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