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Playlist week of November 7, 2015


November 7, 2015 – BBC Playlist

Playlist week of November 7, 2015
Brand new music from George Strait, The Cox Family, Foster & Allen and Luke Bryan
Plus classics from Donna Fargo, Narvel Feltz and Waylon Jennings. A look at the 2015 CMA Award winners.

Green River Ordinance - Red Fire Night New Single | Album: Fifteen (out Jan 22, 2016) Amazon UK - 
Robin Lee - When You Get A Little Bit Lonely | Album: Heart On a Chain (1991) Amazon UK ( Nov 7, 1963) BIRTHDAY
Waylon Jennings - Union Mare & The Confederate Grey | Album: White Mansions (1993) Amazon UK
Mountain Faith - Run To Meet Him | Album: That Which Matters Amazon UK - UK iTunes -
George Strait - Take Me To Texas | Album: Cold Beer Conversation New CD - MP3 - Smart Choice Music  
Danni Nicholls - Leaving Tennessee | Album: Mockingbird Lane New CD (Oct 30) MP3 - UK iTunes - Bandcamp -  Foster & Allen - We Owe It All To You | Album: Celebration Amazon UK - UK iTunes
Striking Matches - Missing You Tonight  | Album: Nothing But The Silence MP3 - UK iTunes -
TG Sheppard - If You Knew | Album: Legendary Friends & Country Duets Amazon UK - UK iTunes -
Patti Page & Tom T Hall - We’re Not Getting Old (1972) | Album: Sings Country Memories: The Definitive Collection MP3 - Humphead (Nov 8, 1927; died Jan 1, 2013 (aged 85)) BIRTHDATE
Robby Johnson - Hate Me Tonight New Single
Ashley Monroe - The Blade | Album: The Blade NEW CD -  
Miranda Lambert - Bathroom Sink | Album: Platinum CD - MP3 - UK iTunes - (Nov 10, 1983) BIRTHDAY
Chris Stapleton - Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore | Album: Traveller CD - MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Kacey Musgraves - Dime Store Cowgirl | Album: Pageant Material CD - MP3 - UK iTunes -
Tommy Overstreet & Jerry Hill - Cotton Fields (passed away Monday 2 Nov 2015; he was 78)
Cox Family - Too Far Gone | Album: Gone Like The Cotton New CD - MP3 - UK iTunes -
Donna Fargo - That Was Yesterday | Album: (Nov 10, 1945) BIRTHDAY
Toby Keith & Jimmy Buffett - Boat For Sail | Album: 35MPH Town New CD - UK iTunes - 
Patty Loveless - I Already Miss You Like You’re Already Gone | Album: Honky Tonk Angel (MCA Years) CD
Narvel Felts - 86 Miles (Nov 11, 1938) BIRTHDAY
Luke Bryan - Strip It Down | Album: Kill The Lights CD - MP3 - UK iTunes -
Barbara Fairchild - Family Ties (Nov 12, 1950) BIRTHDAY
Feufollet - Red Light | Album: Two Universes (Aug 21, 2015 | Feufollet Records) CD - MP3 - UK iTunes
Celia Bryce Band - May Day 1916 | Album: May Day 1916 (EP; out Oct 14) New Amazon UK - UK iTunes
Vince Gill - Don’t Say That You Love Me | Album: The Essential Vince Gill Amazon UK

New on The Show

Green River Ordinance
“Red Fire Night” -  great for those going out to a bonfire - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Home Town: Ft. Worth Texas
Members: Josh Jenkins (vocals, acoustic guitar), Jamey Ice (electric guitar, banjo, mandolin), Joshua Wilkerson (electric guitar, keys, background vocals), Geoff Ice (bass, harmonica, background vocals), Denton Hunker (drums)
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock with a Southern twist

On Sept 22 Green River Ordinance premiered their new single, “Red Fire Night” (Residence Music) on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. This song is the group’s first single off their forthcoming album, “FIFTEEN,” due out January 22, 2016.
The single was sent to radio on October 27, 2015 with an Impact Date: November 2, 2015.
Pre-Order for ‘Fifteen’ peaked in Top 10 on US iTunes Country Chart and “Red Fire Night” received over 55,000 plays on SPOTIFY within it’s first month.
After walking away from a record deal with EMI with a headstrong conviction to create music they’re truly passionate about, GRO made it onto Sirius XM’s Highway Breakout with the heartwarming song “Dancing Shoes.”
In the years since, although they have stayed fairly low on the public’s radar, the group has continued to make solid pieces of work—most recently their 2013 album CHASING DOWN THE WIND.

Blurb: “Red Fire Night” is a great place to start. This song embodies the vibe and talent the artists showcase in all their work. As soon as it begins, “Red Fire Night” feels show-ready; the band opens the song with their rich vocals (sans instrumentals) almost as an invite for listeners to raise their whisky-filled cups and sing along. From the get-go, it’s clear that this single is an end of summer anthem and a true feel-good song about getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and living in the moment—‘There’s a magic when that west wind blows/ it’s even better with a little George Jones/ lost track of time, some time ago/ man, don’t it feel all right/ out here where the stars shine bright.’
Despite it being a happy-go-lucky song in a sea of simple, upbeat tunes that have hit the airwaves recently, “Red Fire Night” feels refreshing amidst the redundancy of today’s country. The song takes a sharp detour away from pop-country and instead delves into classic country and blue-grass roots with its organic sounds and use of instruments such as the fiddle and harmonica. Early on, music lovers can undoubtedly hear how the single closely shadows Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee” (but perhaps with instruments being even more prevalent throughout the song).
“It’s a song to savor. The fiddle-heavy bluegrass mix is warm and imaginative. It’s a song that sticks with you.
While it could be interpreted as a love song, “Red Fire Night” leaves doors open for any group of friends looking to have fun on a long weekend getaway. Why Fans Will Love It: The upbeat, bluegrass-fueled “Red Fire Night” is a feel-good song that begs to be heard live. Key Lyrics: “Meet me under that red fire night / Down by the willows in the Tennessee pines / I’ll bring the whiskey, you bring the wine / We’ll make a few memories on a red fire night.” - Taste Of Country
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Mountain Faith
Run To Meet Him – “Sam McMahan has got a beautiful voice, a beautiful range of songs on here, this one particularly struck me… I did think it was rather lovely, I think they’re great” -  Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Home Town: Sylva, NC
Sam McMahan (bass), Summer McMahan (fiddle, lead and harmony),  Brayden McMahan (banjo, harmony), Luke Dotson (guitar, lead and harmony), and Cory Piatt (mandolin).

Since 2000, Mountain Faith has played their unique brand of bluegrass to audiences in civic centers, auditoriums, arenas, fair grounds, parks, and churches across the United States and Canada. Their fresh Appalachian take on gospel, bluegrass, folk, R&B, and pop music has earned them televised appearances on Daystar and, most recently, America’s Got Talent. When not touring the bluegrass festival circuit, Mountain Faith performs on the stage of Dollywood where they have quickly become a crowd favorite. Getting to know Mountain Faith is easy; their humility, kindness, and love of community shine through on the stage and in casual conversation. Above all else, they are thankful for the opportunities God has provided through music.

When Mountain Faith isn't appearing on national television or working at High Country Tire, they are traveling across the country performing at various events. And, they've managed to find time to work on their latest album for Mountain Fever Records, That Which Matters, due for release this fall. "Emily (It's Love)" is the first single from the new album. Of the single, John Lawless of Bluegrass Today says, "Battistelli included the song on her 2011 album, Hundred More Years, as a duet with Dave Barnes who cowrote with her, but here Summer McMahan sings it solo with a slurry, slippery style that is very modern while remaining true to her bluegrass roots. Simply brilliant."
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Red Light - "It's great there's everything on here ..I think it's strong" -  Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, Swamp Pop, Rock n Roll, Classic Country, Rhythm and Blues
South Louisiana - Cajun/Rock/Country/Zydeco

The band is currently made up of Chris Stafford (vocals, accordion, and both acoustic and electric guitars), Kelli Jones-Savoy ( vocals, fiddle, and acoustic guitar), Andrew Toups (keyboards), Mike Stafford (drums), and Philippe Billeaudeaux (bass).
Feufollet is an Americana/Cajun band from Lafayette, Louisiana.

Feufollet is Americana at its finest— reverential but wholly nonconformists. The young and vibrant Southwest Louisiana band takes Cajun, honky-tonk, and string-band music as their starting point, and keeps an open mind about where their song craft will lead them. Feufollet keeps that experimental spirit alive and well with their diverse musical palette, edgy arrangements, and pop-song sensibilities.
Louisiana roots band Feufollet has been busy in 2015 with the release of Two Universes, the six-piece band’s first studio record in five years, and several long tours in support of the album.
Apparently their  last album was Grammy nominated.While the band is identified as Cajun, the repertoire ranges from traditional south Louisiana string band tunes to blues, country, and even the occasional old-school rock and roll number. The set list often contains such hard-charging country standards as Mickey Newbury’s “Why You Been Gone So Long,” nods to Chuck Berry and popular local swamp-pop tunes, even Brian Eno‘s “Baby‘s On Fire.” Front man Chris Stafford says the band is razor-sharp after a summer of constant gigging and ready for bigger things.
When you do something rooted in Cajun music you end up playing where there’s dancing, you play a lot of dance halls,” says Stafford from his Staffland recording studio in Lafayette, “so we decided to try to widen our coverage and get out into some new venues and new towns this year and hopefully find some appreciation from folks who aren’t necessarily Cajun music enthusiasts first.
Stafford notes the band has gone through some adjustments since the departure of original member Anna Laura Edmiston and her replacement by Kelli Jones-Savoy.
“Anna’s mother was French Canadian and her father was a Cajun, so she wrote and sang in French,” he explained. “Kelli is also a songwriter, but she comes at it more from Appalachian folk and from country music, so that is one element of change we’ve undergone with Anna’s leaving the band. Also, Kelli can play just about anything with strings on it, so we have a lot of flexibility vis a vis what we can do with our sound and approach. She definitely lets us make our sound a little more country than it used to be.”

When Stafford, who plays accordion and guitar and sings, isn’t gigging with Feufollet, he stays busy engineering and producing projects at his studio and also plays in a couple of local ensembles part-time.
By all accounts from Houston musicians who have been playing in Lafayette recently, the city is going through a renaissance of sorts, with one local old-timer telling us Lafayette feels something like Austin in the 1970s.
Feufollet plays Brian Eno's "Baby's On Fire" A Cajun band playing a glam rock classic as a zydeco song!

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