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Playlist week of August 15, 2015


15h August 2015 – BBC Playlist

Brand new music from Mo Pitney & Jason Isbell and Classics from The O'Kanes, Justin Tubb and Jim Reeves
Tribute to Audrey Auld who died earlier in the week.

Down where the grassroots grow there’s a soul named Beth the fairy
She flies through the garbage dumps picking up what she can carry
And her long arms reach down and give a little shove
Lord knows we could all use a little help from above..  .(
Rita Hosking, BMI)

Homegrown Band - She Loves To Ride | Album: Summer Song (June 2015) NEW Single MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Rose Maddox - Heart Of A Country Song | Album: Reckless Love and Bold Adventure CD (1975) (August 15, 1925; died April 15, 1998 (aged 72)) BIRTHDATE
Mo Pitney - Boy & Girl Thing NEW Single
Dixie Chicks - You Were Mine | Album: The Essential Dixie Chicks CD  (Emily Erwin Aug 16, 1972) BIRTHDAY
Billy Joe Shaver - Sunbeam Special | Album: - Long In The Tooth (Aug 2014) CD - MP3 - UK iTunes -  (Aug 16, 1939) BIRTHDAY
The Stray Birds - Might Rain | Album: Best Medicine (Oct 2014) CD - MP3 - UK iTunes -
Sarabeth - Do What You Say You’re Gonna Do | Album: SaraBeth (EP; 14 April 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes
Lainey West - Southern Streamline | Album: At Last  
O’Kanes - Can’t Stop My Heart From Loving You | Album: O'Kanes (1987) CD (James O'Hara August 8, 1950 (age 65)/ Kevin Welch (August 17, 1955) co-founders of the Dead Reckoning Records with fellow musicians Kieran Kane) BIRTHDAYS
Joey & Rory - Waiting On Someone | Album: His and Hers (2012) CD 
Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road with Eddy Raven - I Got Mexico  | Album: Common Man  CD - MP3 -  (Eddy Raven; Aug 19, 1934; Lafayette, Louisiana) BIRTHDAY
Tammy Jones Robinette & The Drive - To Be A Kid Again NEW Single
Clay Waker Heartache Highway | Album: If I Could Make A Living (1994) CD  (Aug 19, 1969) BIRTHDAY
Rita Hosking - Where The Grassroots Grow | Album: MP3UK iTunesCD Baby
Jason Isbell - 24 Frames | Album: Something More Than Free CD - MP3 - 
Lee Ann Womack - The Last Time | Album: There's More Where That Came From (2005) CD  (Aug 19, 1966) BIRTHDAY
Justin Tubb – Lodi | Album: Masters Of The Last Century: Best of Justin Tubb MP3 (August 20, 1935; died Jan 24, 1998 (aged 62)) BIRTHDATE
Callie Twisselman - Hung Me On The Line (Single; July 2014) MP3
Gatlin Brothers - Texas Is What Life Is All About | Album: Partners CD (Rudy Gatlin, Aug 20, 1952) BIRTHDAY
Trick Pony - Stand In The Middle of Texas | Album: R.I.D.E. (2005) CD
Audrey Auld – Tree | Album: Come Find Me (2012) CD Obituary Tribute Blog
Jim Reeves - Don’t Tell Me | Album: The Great Jim Reeves Box Set 8CD (H&H Records) (Aug 20, 1924; died July 31, 1964 (aged 40)) BIRTHDATE For more information visit
Watkins Family Hour - Feelin’ Good Again | Album: Watkins Family Hour NEW CD - MP3 - UK iTunes -
Vogts Sisters - Better Off Alone | Album: My Own Dixie (March 2015) MP3 - UK iTunes - CD Baby -
Kenny Rogers - Tomb Of The Unknown Love | Album: The Heart of the Matter MP3 -
Solitaire Miles - Love Is A Lingering Thing | Album: Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas NEW MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Beth Hart - St Teresa | Album: Better Than Home CD (May 2015) NEW

New on The Show

Homegrown Band

“She Loves To Ride” = Some songs are just great for summer and driving” -  Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Band Members: Craig Brannon, Kevin Brannon, Jason Cole, Nick Ivey & Megan Blair
Home Town: Carrollton, Georgia
Influences: Jesus

The band's down-home image and songs about life as they know it enjoyed success from the start. In early 2012, HB released their first album, a self-titled EP recorded at Skaggs Family Studios in Nashville, TN and produced by Homegrown Band and Jason Singleton of Red Hill Entertainment.

After touring for months in West and South Georgia, metro Atlanta, and East Alabama and opening for artists like Corey Smith and Ashton Shepherd in support of the EP, the band recorded, produced, and released its second single, "Enjoy The Ride," in late 2013.

Since forming in 2013, the band has toured extensively and released two albums: their self-titled EP, Homegrown Band, and 2015s debut full-length, Summer Song. She Loves To Ride is the band's second single from Summer Song. 

Featuring lyrics about a summer evening drive with a sweetheart over a muscular four-on-the-floor groove, this fast-paced country joy ride will have you rocking wherever the road takes you!
Homegrown Band released a second album tentatively titled SUMMER SONG on 30th June 2015. The record features new songs that the band has been writing and performing over the course of their 2013 tour schedule.
On Monday, July 27th 2015, Homegrown Band released their second single "She Loves to Ride" (Jerry Duncan Promotions / Homegrown Entertainment) to Country Radio.
Check out the >> Lyric Video
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Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas

“Love Is A Lingering Thing” -  “Some western swing I do think this group do it particularly well, a lovely album…it’s a great track” - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Jazz & Swing Members: Neal Alger, Stu Rosenberg, TC Furlong (slide) , Eric Schneider
Genre: Western Swing & Country-Jazz - Celebrating America's original music in the 21st Century
Lead singer Solitaire Miles whose birth name is Solitaire was named after her French great grandmother. Her parents we're hippies and came up with the "groovy name". Her relatives we're of Russian and Polish descent and her great grandmother on that side didn't speak much English so Solitaire was like a tongue-twister so they started calling her Suzy as a nickname. Breaking away from Jazz genre to Swing she then changed her name to Blue.

Solitaire Miles (aka Suzy Blue) has always loved singing Swing tunes. 
Her grandmother, a singer with a big band in the late 1930s, exposed her to the music as a child.  Several members of her family were  musicians and she grew up hearing Swing and Retro Country at Sunday afternoon  family concerts.   She performed as a teenager in the late 1980's with well known Jazz saxophonist Bruce Johnstone in the NW Pennsylvania area where she is originally from. Solitaire originally planned to be an opera singer, but while attending DePaul University in Chicago, she met the legendary Swing violinist Johnny Frigo who encouraged her to sing Swing. 
After college in the early 1990's she began working in Chicago with Sax Maestro Von Freeman, and pianist Willie Pickens, who also played on her self-titled release in 2006.
 "I was lucky to have their guidance because they were playing  with the greats in their day.”  During the late 90's while living in New York City, she performed with the great trumpeter Doc Cheatham, learning lots more Swing tunes.  From these venerable bandleaders, she learned more about phrasing.  Since then, she has since been an important part of the Chicago music scene performing with pianist Willie Pickens and leading her own groups.
Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas may be regarded as a surprise by some of Solitaire Miles’ swing fans, but it is a logical step in her evolution. “Looking for ways to enhance my vocal agility,  I took a job with a with local Retro Country & Western Swing group. For her first Western Swing recording, Solitaire used most of the musicians from her regular  band. “They all did a great job of adapting to this music. Neal Alger, who wrote most of the arrangements, is one of my favorite guitarists in Chicago” she shared.

Interview with Scott Wikle of Fish Creek Radio about our new CD, first aired on "My Kind of Country" June 22, 2015.

The new album "Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas" has gained the #1 Top New Release on the Country Western Swing Chart with "I'm a Fool to Care" holds a top ten single at #6.

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