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Playlist week of 26th September 2015


26th September 2015 – BBCPlaylist

Carlene Carter - Every Little Thing | Album: Little Love Letters (1993) MP3 (Sept 26, 1955) BIRTHDAY
David Frizzell & Jimmy Fortune - Early In The Morning | Album: Remember Me (Buddy Holly Country Tribute DVD/CD)
CD - UK iTunes - Buddy Holly Country Tribute “Remember Me” (Sept 26 1941) BIRTHDAY
Andrea Zonn - Let Them Go | Album: Rise (Compass Records) CD - MP3 - New
Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy | Album:  I Want Crazy (UK Compilation album) Amazon UK - UK iTunes
Lynn Anderson - My Guardian Angel | Album: Bridges MP3 - UK iTunes - (Sept 26, 1947 died July 30, 2015 (aged 67)) BIRTHDATE  
Michael English - Mama’s Footsteps | Album: Dance All Night New Amazon UK CD (out 30th Oct) - MP3 - UK iTunes -
Jemima Farey - I’ll Be Back | Album: Barn Door Records 
Joni Harms - Oregon Trail | Album: Let's Put The Western Back In The Country MP3
Marty Robbins - Love Me (Sept 26, 1925; died Dec 8, 1982 (aged 57) BIRTHDATE
Gem Andrews - Please Forget Me | Album: Vancouver (March 16, 2015) Amazon UK - UK iTunes - 
Alabama - Wasn’t Through Lovin’ You Yet New Single | Album: Southern Drawl New CD - US iTunes - 
Little Big Town - Girl Crush | Album: Painkiller (Oct 2014) CD - UK iTunes - Smart Choice Music - 
(Karen Fairchild; Sept 28) BIRTHDAY
Hip Hatchet - Travel Map | Album: Hold You Like a Harness (released 14 April 2015) New  MP3 - UK iTunes - Bandcamp -
Mandy Barnett - Too Soon To Know | Album: I Can't Stop Loving You, The Songs Of Don Gibson Smart Choice Music (Sept 28, 1975) BIRTHDAY 
Jess Moskaluke - Night We Won’t Forget | Album: Light Up The Night MP3
Matt King - Memories, Fiddles & Songs | Album: Hard Country CD (Sept 28, 1966) BIRTHDAY
Amy Helm - Rescue Me | Album: Didn’t it Rain (24 July 2015) New CD - UK iTunes - 
Gene Autry - It Makes No Difference Now | Album: Highlights From Gene Autry Vol. 1 Amazon UK (Sept 29, 1907; died October 2, 1998 (aged 91) BIRTHDATE
Breelan Angel - Rub A Little Dirt On It | Album: Diamond in a Rhinestone World (out 2 Oct 2015) UK iTunes -  Jerry Lee Lewis - Break My Mind | Album: (September 29, 1935) BIRTHDAY
Deborah Allen - Am I Good For One More Memory | Album: The Best Of Deborah Allen (2000) MP3 (Sept 30, 1953) BIRTHDAY 
Marty Stuart - When It Comes To Loving You | Album: Saturday Night / Sunday Morning [2xCD] (Sept 2014) CD - MP3 - UK (Sept 30, 1958) BIRTHDAY
Daron Norwood - There’s Still Hope | Album: (Sept 30, 1965; died July 22, 2015 (aged 49) BIRTHDATE
Kelly Willis & Bruce Robison - I’ll Go To My Grave Loving You | Album: Our Year (June 2014) CD - MP3 (Kelly Willis; Oct 1, 1968) BIRTHDAY
Joy Lynn White - Why Do I Feel So Good | Album: Between Midnight & Hindsight MP3
Chris Ledoux - Powder River Home | Album: Under This Old Hat (1993) MP3 (Oct 2 1948; died March 9, 2005 (aged 56)) BIRTHDATE

New on The Show

Jemima Farey 
“I’ll Be Back” -  “when it builds in the chorus and the extra vocals came in I thought it was really rather lovely” - - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Genre: Acoustic Folk/Country
Record Label: Barn Door Records
Current Location: Somerset
Folk and Country Singer/Songwriter and Musician.

Jemima is the eldest of 4 daughters in a Irish family of 6; they are an extremely musical family and have been singing and playing together for years. They are known as 'The Farey Family' and are slowly becoming more recognized within the area, playing original compositions and traditional folk, gospel and country songs.
Jemima was brought up listening to 'The Carter Cash Family', 'Liam O'Flynn' and 'Hank Williams' so has been influenced by folk musicians from a very young age and has continued to develop this interest.Jemima was brought up listening to 'The Carter Cash Family', 'Liam O'Flynn' and 'Hank Williams' so has been influenced by folk musicians from a very young age and has continued to develop this interest.
Jemima is climbing her way up into the folk scene gradually, playing at local gigs and folk clubs. She has been described on more than one occasion as 'one to watch on the Folk scene'. Her uncomplicated yet delicate guitar work provides the perfect accompaniment for her strong and mesmerising vocal. Performing live as a solo act, Jemima is a true and captivating performer and fundamentally what comes through in her music is her unforced and genuine passion for music and story telling.
Her 11 track debut album, recorded when she was 17-year old, titled GOOD DAYS (Barn Door, Website) was recorded, produced and mastered by Iain Aird (Camelot
Blessed with a magnificent singing voice that soars most confidently....I'm sure you will spend many Good Days listening to this fine debut, for it proclaims Jemima as an extraordinary new talent (David Kidman - Fatea Magazine Fatea Records
Listen to  track 9 >> ”The Raft” a song written about lovers who will stay together no matter how far apart they are
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Gem Andrews
“Please Forget Me” – “I really do like this album, I like it even more when I realized she’s from the UK I thought she was an American, that’s how great it is, it really is so polished! ….I listened to this CD and I thought what a really wonderful album, I didn’t know what to expect…..what a lovely surprise, telling you don’t judge a CD by its cover, a really wonderful album, a gem of an album you might say, yeah!” -  Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Genre: Alternative Country/ British singer/songwriter
Band Members: Gem Andrews, Nicky Rushton, Sarah Van Jellie, Gabriel Minnikin, Bernard Wright, Susanne Lambert.
Home Town: Liverpool, UK
Current Location: Newcastle, UK & Berlin, DE
Record Label: Barbaraville Records / Independent

UK based songwriter and musician Gem Andrews crafts beautiful original songs that cut to the quick and speak to the heart. Her work is firmly rooted in her beloved Alt. Country and Americana traditions, with influences from Kitty Wells to K.D Lang.
Singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gem Andrews writes and performs alt-country music with an honesty and rawness that gets straight to the point. Her songs take the listener on journeys, across countries, continents and oceans, seamlessly blending the shifting landscapes with the ups and downs of life.
Her own music is firmly rooted in her beloved Alt Country and Americana, with influences from Kitty Wells, K.D Lang, Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt. She is also a fine interpreter of other peoples work covering numerous songs by an array of different writers.

Gem was born in the Liverpool suburb of Woolton, Merseyside. A much travelled musician she has taken her music around the UK, Canada and across numerous European countries.
The Singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist writes and performs alt-country music with an honesty and rawness that gets straight to the point. Her songs take the listener on journeys, across countries, continents and oceans, seamlessly blending the shifting landscapes with the ups and downs of life.

She released her second album Vancouver, beige is not to be seen, the well oiled lyrical value of one associated with the city of Liverpool is of great quality, the songs run smoothly with bristling agitation and the urge to be seen fully; beige is not an option. Produced by The
Daintees’ Martin Stephenson, the now Berlin based Ms. Andrews takes listeners on a journey of discovery, the map, the guide and the plan is all of Ms. Andrews own making and the desire to follow with complete trust in her well marked footsteps, to be led with abandon, is to give yourself over to one human being for a short while....With tracks such as Your Father’s Diary, Heart Like A Wheel, Crimson Tide and the album title track Vancouver all conspiring with innocent regard for the listener’s appreciation, Vancouver is a shining example of what it means to appreciate the journey. It does not have to be bristling with permanent sunshine, the hospitality doesn’t always require the benefit of being cordial, what it should be is honest and fulfilling. Vancouver is just that, a peek into the world of situations that frame what it is to be alive. Liverpool Sound And Vision

The album opens with a delicate piece of folk-flavoured music called "Calling". Andrews sings about an idyllic childhood soundtracked by Neil Young, Townes Van Zandt, and the like. But, the pain in her voice lets you know that there’s not going to be a happy ending. The theme of family weaves and threads its way through several songs with "Mother Dear" being especially brittle and beautiful at the same time -- a daughter looks on as an old and sick woman lies "silent and sleeping / towards her grave". It's sung over a jaunty tune that sounds slightly eerie and is sure to tug on even the most calloused heartstrings....Thirty minutes after we hear the first notes, we hear the final track, "Vancouver", which is another broken-hearted love song, but one with more than a little bit of hope attached and the perfect way to end an outstanding album. - No Depression
Listen to >> "The Calling" taken from the album 'Vancouver' released on Market Square Records and distributed by Proper Music Distribution.
>> Watch Gem Andrews Band live at The Cluny 2 in Newcastle in 2013

UK dates:
Wed October 28, 2015 - Saltaire, Saltaire United Reformed Church (Victoria Road, West Yorkshire BD18 3LF)
Thurs Oct 29, 2015 - Homotopia Festival Camp & Furnace (67 Greenland Street, Liverpool, Lancs L1 0BY) Admission FREE
Fri Oct 30, 2015 -  Live Theatre (Broad Chare, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear NE1 3DQ) with Amelia Curran (Canada)
Sun November 1, 2015 - The Angel Inn (Main Street, Corbridge, Northumberland NE45 5LA Tel 01434 632119)
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Hip Hatchet
“Travel Map” -  “A musical jack-of-all-trades” - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Current Location: Oregon
Influences: Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Tom Waits, Mark Kozlek,
Like many folk songsmiths before him, Hip Hatchet staggers the intersection of romanticized love and everyday trials. Hip Hatchet is the project of  Philippe Bronchtein, a one man band who crafts carefully orchestrated, rustic folk songs about the inner longing for companionship and steadiness. Bronchtein’s witty lyrics and sincerity allows him to visit these classic folk tropes and emerge unscathed by the cliches.
A musical jack-of-all-trades, Hip Hatchet pulls from his variety of musical experiences, including jazz piano, bluegrass, country, chamber music, and the American singer-songwriter tradition, to create a dynamic, original, and candid sound. Hip Hatchet layers on harmony in a way that builds on the carefully crafted sound to reveal the beauty in our messy, complicated lives.
Always a traveling man, once having called Montreal, Vermont, New Jersey, and Portland home, Bronchtein’s liking for the road and rural America comes through in his quest to tell the story of every person his meets.
Recently returned to Portland with a newfound appreciation for home, Hip Hatchet’s songs compel the listener to think about their definition of home and place.
Like many folk songsmiths before him, Hip Hatchet staggers the intersection of romanticized love and everyday trials.
Hip Hatchet layers on harmony in a way that builds on the carefully crafted sound to reveal the beauty in our messy, complicated lives.
Self released on 14 April 2015 his 11 track album HOLD YOU LIKE A HARNESS was recorded in Portland, Oregon at Secret Society and Jalopy. It was co-produced by Philippe Bronchtein and produced, engineered and mixed by Tim Shrout and mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering. Pedal Steel, Piano and Organ recorded by Raymond Richards In Los Angeles, California. The attractive artwork came courtesy of Markel Uriu.
Backed by Scott Davis on guitar, violinist Nathan Crockett and Ty Bailie on keys, parts are also fleshed out with fuller orchestration, Bronchtein has a throaty, gravelly baritone and cites Townes, Bob Dylan and Nebraska era Bruce Springsteen as prime influences. It’s an open and honest work, intimate in its delivery yet still capable of reaching out to larger audiences, the likes of the storytelling fable David’s Wolves, the steel laced, tender Words Of Wisdom (“an exhausted pretty woman drinking in the sun reminded me of how long it’d been since I’d really known someone”) and the slow-waltzing Cars Look Like Crying, which features the terrific line “The tires slide slowly as I stumble and wave to take me to a home full of judgment and men that depend on their cars to cry for them.”, Excellent - Folk Radio UK
‘Hold You Like A Harness’ is a very thoughtful, melancholic and poetic album rooted in folk and Americana and the heart of a traveling man. Read Full review For The Country Record

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Amy Helm

“Rescue Me” -  “I didn’t know what to expect I’m not familiar with her music, happy to report it’s a lovely brand new album…. a beautiful album, these albums fill the gap where the mainstream has gone off a little bit, every track is beautiful..what a talent lovely voice…...I think she’s really really good- Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

Band Members: Amy Helm - Vocals, Mandolin; Byron Isaacs - Bass, Vocals; Dan Littleton - Guitar, Vocals; David Berger - Drums/Percussion
Home Town: Woodstock, NY
Record Label: eOne Music

Amy Helm began connecting with audiences early in life, playing her first gig in her early teens in a Manhattan bar and drifting informally through a series of combos before her father recruited her to join his live band.  She also absorbed musical and personal inspiration from her mother, noted singer/songwriter Libby Titus; and her stepfather, Steely Dan co-mastermind Donald Fagen, who offered Amy additional opportunities to find herself as a performer.
"I'm just trying to tell some stories as honestly as I can," Amy Helm says of DIDN'T IT RAIN, her first solo album and her eOne Music debut. 
Although the personally charged, organically soulful Didn't It Rain is her first release under her own name, Amy Helm has been making music for most of her life.  She's already won widespread praise as a singer, songwriter and live performer, first as a member of the celebrated alt-country collective Ollabelle and subsequently for her extensive work with her father, musical icon Levon Helm, who passed away in 2012. 
Blessed with a commanding, deeply expressive voice and an uncanny songwriting skill that instinctively draws upon a deep well of American musical traditions, Amy Helm delivers a timelessly powerful statement with Didn't It Rain. 
Didn't It Rain also marked the final recording sessions of Levon Helm, who acted as the project's executive producer as well as adding his unmistakable drumming on three tracks; Levon's distinctive count-off can be heard kicking off Amy's rousing take on Martha Scanlan's "Spend Our Last Dime."
The spellbinding dozen-song set is rooted in first-person experience, exploring universal themes of life, love and loss on such musically and emotionally resonant originals as the smoldering soul ballad "Rescue Me," the hushed, lilting "Deep Water," the meditative "Roll Away" and the stark, haunting "Wild Girl."

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