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Playlist week of 20th Sept 2014


20th September 2014 – BBC Playlist

Brand new music from Sara Evans, Red Molly, Nu-Blu and Tim McGraw and classics from Ray Charles and Marty Robbins. Tribute paid to country music legend George Hamilton iv who sadly died Wednesday Sept 17, 2014.

Faith Hill - Take Me As I Am | Album: Take Me As I Am (1994) CD (Sept 21, 1967)  BIRTHDAY
Chuck Wicks - Saturday Afternoon | Album:  NEW Single
Claire Lynch - Dear Sister | Album: Dear Sister CD Nominated song at The 25th Annual International Bluegrass Music Awards take place Thursday, October 2, 2014
 Bellamy Brothers - Get Into Reggae Cowboy | Album: The Definitive Bellamy Brothers Collection CD
Ronna Reeves - The Letter | Album: Only The Heart (1991) MP3 (Sept 21, 1966) BIRTHDAY
Sturgill Simpson – Voices | Album: Metamodern Sounds in Country Music CD - MP3 - UK iTunes
Red Molly - Homeward Bound | Album: The Red Album CD - MP3 - UK iTunes - 
Jerry Douglas - Dobro Heaven | Album: Three Bells (Rob Ickes, Jerry Douglas, Mike Auldridge) CD
Heather Dickson - You Can’t Blame The Train | Album: Eventually MP3 - CD BABY - UK iTunes -
Zac Brown Band – Toes | Album: The Foundation CD
Sara Evans - Put My Heart Down | Album: NEW Single
Debby Boone - Free To Be Lonely Again | Album: The Best Of Debby Boone (Sept 22 1956) BIRTHDAY
Ray Charles - A Girl I Used To Know | Album: The Complete Country And Western Recordings 1959-1986 MP3 (Sept 23 1930, died – June 10, 2004 (aged 73)) BIRTHDAY
Crab Apple Lane - Hit The Ground Runnin’ (Single; July 22, 2014) MP3UK iTunes
The Kendalls - If You Let Him Drive You Crazy He Will | Album: Love Is A Long Hard Road (Royce Kendall Sept 25th 1933, died – May 22, 1998 (aged 62))
David Frizzell - Lonestar Lonesome | Album: The Familys Fine, But This Ones All Mine / On My Own Again (2 on 1 series) CD
(Sept 26 1941) BIRTHDAY
Carlene Carter - Me & The Wildwood Rose | Album: Carter Girl Carter Girl CD - MP3 (Sept 26 1955) BIRTHDAY
Maddie & Tae - Girl In Your Country Song (Single) MP3 - UK iTunes -  NEW Single Play MPE (Big Machine Records / Dot Records)
Garth Brooks - The River | Album: Ropin' The Wind CD
Mary Sarah & Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden | Album: Bridges: Great American Country Duets CD - MP3 - (Lynn Anderson Sept 26, 1947) BIRTHDAY
Marty Robbins - Franklin Tennessee | Album: 20th Century Drifter/MCA Years Double 2-CD (Sept 26, 1925; died Dec 8, 1982 (aged 57) BIRTHDAY
Nu-Blu - All The Way | Album: All The Way (out Sept 16, 2014) CD - MP3 -    
George Hamilton IV – Abilene | Album: Abilene (20 Original Favourites) CD  - Bio - George Hamilton IV obituary (The Guardian) 
Charlotte Whitted & George Hamilton IV - The Note - | Album: Middle Child (Feb 2006) MP3 
Tim McGraw - Shotgun Rider | Album: Sundown Heaven Town CD - MP3 - UK iTunes - Smart Choice Music - 
Mary Gauthier - False From Truth | Album: Trouble & Love CD - MP3 - UK iTunes - Smart Choice Music - 
New on The Show

Crab Apple Lane:

It’s all a little overwhelming, this roller coaster ride called Crab Apple Lane, but bandmates Kirk Wynn and Deena Robbins (who were raised in Knoxville, TN and both now live in the Fountain City area) are loving the ride.
Wynn graduated from Halls High School in 2004 and started playing drums when he was 12; it’s been his instrument of choice for several years, although his family gradually introduced a guitar into the mix, which he plays while he sings for his current band. They’ve only been performing together for 14 months, and it wasn’t until 2014 that they got serious about turning the project into a band.
Credit that to those gorgeous harmonies — their voices blend with such sweetness and beauty that listeners can’t help but be smitten, by both the individuals singing and the songs themselves. “Country” is as apt a moniker as any for what Crab Apple Lane does, but even that isn’t entirely accurate, given what passes for country on mainstream radio these days. - “I think both of us just get sick of that kind of music; not to take anything away from those artists, but I just cringe at doing something just because it’s going to make me successful,” Wynn said. “We’ve had plenty of opportunities, but we’ve talked it over and decided to just do whatever we want to do for as long as we can get by with it. (The Daily
Both Kirk and Deena carried many different roles as local and mainstream musicians. Deena grew up in a family that just poured musical talent and this apple didn't fall far from that tree at all. From her first steps on, she's been a natural born performer with a set of pipes on her that country music may or may not be ready for. Kirk fell on his musical talents a little later in life. Though always having been around country music as his grandfather was a well-known "pic n grin"er in the area, he didn't really focus on his musical talents much until around high school. But soon after, he saw the light and threw everything he had at making a life out of music. Fast forward a few years, throw in a few chance meetings and gigs, and then you'll find the precursor to what eventually became known as Crab Apple Lane. Kirk and Deena had played here and there together around town but never thought much of it. But as time went on, a few joking conversations about creating a band, and one "for the heck of it" recording later, they realized there was something special there and decided they had nothing to lose but to join forces and bring the world of country music to Crab Apple Lane.
Watch >> “Hit The Ground Runnin' (Official Music Video)

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Maddie & Tae

“Girl In Your Country Song” -  “Something contemporary now and they resent being the type of girls that all the men seem to be singing about nowadays, it was a bit of a grower for me” - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire

18-year old blondes Maddie & Taelyn (Maddie Marlow and Taelyn Elizabeth – Top PHOTO!) are a new Country Crossover duo on DOT Records (Big Machine Publishing).
Check out the full transcription of the lyrics which takes down bro-country's treatment of women, it also directly calls out some of the offenders - not by name but by catch phrases and hooks from their tunes.

Their influences range from classic (Dolly Parton) to current (Carrie Underwood) to crossover queen Shania Twain, who they call “THE thing” while growing up in Texas and Oklahoma.
They met in 2011 via a vocal coach and known collectively as Sweet Aliana. The girls are well on their way to laying claim to a new country sound. Love is in the mix, yes, but there are bigger themes of life and relationships, along with some frisky role-reversals. And their genre of choice seems the natural home.
The girls met via a vocal coach during a showcase in late-2011, and the chemistry was instantaneous. Less than a year later, they’re inseparable. Finishing each other’s sentences. Giggling at inside jokes. Crafting songs that seem less works of studio art and more expressions of their inner-selves.
"Amazingly big talent, consistent musicians, and they sing great" - Dan Huff (Producer)
"Your not just looking at a single it's something that is right song at right time with a genuine act who can deliver this message, it's not just that, you see all of the depth behind it and you can't sit on an album's worth of material like that" - Mike Molinar (Publisher)
"Girl In A Country Song is just the tip of the iceberg" - Aaron Scherz (co-writer/co-producer)
“One of the reasons we activated Maddie & Tae right now, it started with this song, ‘Girl In A Country Song’,” says Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta in the duo’s >> EPK. “I think we’re starting off Dot Records with an absolute heater. There is a gaping hole for a female act to come and re-engage teenage girls in the format. It really hasn’t happened since Taylor (Swift).”
CMA Close Up Maddie & Tae performed at the AT&T Showcase Stage at AT&T U-Verse Fan Fair X on Saturday, June 7 during the 2014 CMA Music Festival in downtown Nashville.....

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